Bad Little Rude Behaviours

What’s the most annoying “little rude behaviour” you see around you?  

recent New York Times article tells me that science is now showing that it pays to be nice to those around you at work.  Little rude behaviours generate a group of people looking forward to see you fall on your face.  Little kindnesses generate a group of people who want to help see you succeed.

It is good to cultivate little kind behaviours and reduce little rude behaviours.  Here’s a list of the most common little rude behaviours.

Rude Behaviours Frequently Seen In Others

These are the rude behaviours by bosses most often cited in a recent New York Times article (in descending order of frequency).

  1. Interrupts people
  2. Is judgmental of those who are different
  3. Pays little attention to or shows little interest in others’ opinions
  4. Takes the best and leaves the worst tasks for others
  5. Fails to pass along necessary information
  6. Neglects saying please or thank you
  7. Talks down to people
  8. Takes too much credit for things
  9. Swears
  10. Puts others down

Our Own Rude Behaviours

These are the rude behaviors people most often admit to seeing in themselves.

  1. Hibernates into e-gadgets
  2. Uses jargon even when it excludes others
  3. Ignores invitations
  4. Is judgmental of those who are different
  5. Grabs easy tasks while leaving difficult ones for others
  6. Does not listen
  7. Emails/texts during meetings
  8. Pays little attention to others
  9. Takes others’ contributions for granted
  10. Belittles others nonverbally
  11. Neglects saying please or thank you

What do you Think?

I am pretty good at most of the behaviours on both lists.  How about you?  Which is your great weakness?  Which do you most detest when you see it in others?  I’d love your comments below.

My post from last Friday at Lifehack on 11 Differences between Busy and Productive people has been shared over 4 thousand times!  What do you think?  Are you productive or are some of the busy features there in your activity?

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