Making Improvements: The Path to Mastery

The Path to Mastery

The path to mastery is steady, small, incremental improvements repeated over and over again. There is no shortcut to mastery. There is a mode of operating that allows mastery. This mode is the 1% improvement mode.

Do you focus on the 1% improvements? What small change will you make today?

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4 responses to “Making Improvements: The Path to Mastery”

  1. Love it. And it is so true that the more immediate or accessible a goal….the more likely it is that you will go for it. Thank you. Your post arrived at a particularly apt moment! (one wee comment…++ comment! 😉 Not sure if its just me…but during the video it didnt seem like you were looking straight in to the camera….slightly to my left. I found it disconcerting….enough to distract me.

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