Resilience and Mental Toughness: 3 Qualities of Mentally Strong People

Resilience or Mental Toughness is the capacity of some people to stay strong in the difficult times, when challenges abound, when the receive the blows of life. Some fall apart and cannot function, whilst a few stay strong and find the path through. What are the 3 tools of mentally tough people?

If you are reading this via email, the video is on the blog here: Resilience and Mental Toughness: 3 Qualities of Mentally Strong People

The 3 Tools of Resilient People

  1. Face Reality
  2. Find Meaning
  3. Stay Resourceful

What do you think?  Do you practice these tools?

High Performance in Sports


After Fernando Belasteguin’s session at IESE Business School

I recently spoke about these tools at the IESE EMBA session on High Performance Psychology where I shared the stage with Xavi Escales, CEO of ASICS Iberia and Fernando Belasteguin (Bela), the world’s #1 Padel player for the last 13 years.

Here’s Bela’s photo from IESE last week:



What do you think? Let me know you were here ;-)

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