Fully Committed: Success comes from Putting 20x More behind your Opportunities

This video is about a strategy for focussing your life’s energy and resources into fewer but more strategic projects. (I tell a story that I have never told in class).

How do you ensure that you are dedicating your efforts to what is really important in life, and not diluting your efforts, resources amongst hundreds of small projects?

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  1. Hi Conor. I heard you during your conference in Executive Club Piso 40 in Montevideo Uruguay.
    It was amazing.
    Thank you very much for your video, which I will share with my employees.


  2. Hi Conor. Those irish people always teaching wise lessons to others, jaja! what you said is also applicable to businesses. It´s much more difficult to say NO than saying yes to opportunities and this is what prevents you from choosing the great ones. It´s all a question of energy, we have to save it for those things that really make meaning to us where we can excel as human beings, or companies.

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