Finding Balance between Ambition and Peace of Mind, External vs Internal Success

“If someone followed your life and took 24 hours of film of everything you do for a day and they edited that into a one-hour documentary… the editor could decide to make you look like the worst villain ever or the greatest hero ever… it depends on which parts of your day he puts into the documentary” my friend Raul Aguirre over dinner in Buenos Aires

This video is about a Paradox that we must come to terms with in order to live a full human life. I’ve made it in Montevideo, Uruguay on a trip here to teach Leadership Communications at the IEEM Business School (part of the University of Montevideo).

We need to find a balance in our lives between the forces of external and internal success, between intentional, goal-directed living and a sense of peace within. The paradox – is that these are two forces that clash. How do you find the right balance?

I’d welcome your help on Balance between Ambition and Peace

I need your help- how do you find this balance? Do you have this balance? Do you ever lose control to one side or the other… and how do you recognise this and regain the balance in your life? Thanks… trying to regain this balance in my own life…

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  2. Hi Conor. Seeking balance?
    I suffered a serious bout of ‘success indigestion’ in my forties, which prompted in me the very question on ‘Balance between Ambition and Peace’, subsequently followed by a deep ‘Transformative’ change.
    Regarding you question on balance, I propose some ancient wisdom:
    “There are these two extremes that are not to be indulged in […]. Which two? That which is devoted to sensory pleasure […] and that which is devoted to self-affliction […]. Avoiding both of these extremes, the Middle Way — producing vision, producing knowledge — leads to calm, to direct knowledge, to self-awakening, to Unbinding.
    I am passionate about balancing business and life, and I would enjoy exchanging views with you on the topic of the Middle Way and modern business.

  3. Hi Conor, Great, honest post, thank you! I believe you can find balance only by ‘knowing thyself!’ :))) You’ll know why you dream of being that butterfly so badly but you’ll also understand that you need to recover to get there.. You’ll know when you need this ‘winter’ and how much of it :))) Kisses to both you and Eka, keep inspiring!! Miss you guys! T Wysłane z iPhone’a

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