The 5 Choices that will Change your Life

Caroline Myss shares 5 Choices that will Transform your Life:

  1. Tell Truth (not Lies) 
  2. Share Wisdom (not Woe)
  3. Take Risks (not Play Safe)
  4. Choose New Words (never use “entitled”, “blame”, “deserve”)
  5. Choose to Bless your Day

3 responses to “The 5 Choices that will Change your Life”

  1. Great to think the power of choice in everything we do.
    I specially like:
    – we have no idea what a big choice or a small one is.
    – most of the best things that happened to us often are not a consequence of us, we don’t know the risk other took
    – don’t look backwards for guidance as you are not that person anymore. Be in the newness.

    (Had a nice break with this talk 😉

    1. Thanks Fran. I was struck by the power and clarity of Caroline’s voice, and the simplicity but profound impact of consciously taking these 5 choices.

  2. And Quit Sugar!

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