5 Ways Successful People Increase their Impact

How do those who are successful go on and make a truly lasting impact?

  1. Focus (no athlete wins 100m and marathon)
  2. Time horizon (Jeff bezos handstand)
  3. Habits (little habits every day > big decisions once a decade)
  4. Love the Process/Plateau (bamboo – it doesn’t always look like progress)
  5. Connected Relationships (communications, trust)

Check out the longer discussion of these 5 elements in the video below…

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One response to “5 Ways Successful People Increase their Impact”

  1. Sheila Coughlin Avatar
    Sheila Coughlin

    Regarding your ideas on focus that is sound advice. It is a good point that being a master at one thing is better than being a jack of all trades. . Although, are there certain areas of focus that if they were cultivated reap many bountiful rewards, and hold a higher value of return? Results which may very well provide results of mastery on many levels? I have this notion that a certain good choice of focus might (maybe say creating health in your body for example) can create excellence on many levels (by perhaps providing the structure and framework for success at work and in relationships from clear thinking and good energy for example).

    I spent a long time with the long range horizon goal setting. But that too can become a trap, Developing a dressage horse to Grand Prix is a 5 to 7 year commitment. But I have learned the hard way I needed both long and short range time horizon focus to be successful (and I still have not developed the short range).

    Small steps are so hard, but so important. That is a very ingenious remark. My big decisions are so easy to make, and feel grand, and I can make them all day long and I do… but usually they all end up being merely fantastical. The small steps that I have taken are the ones that have paid off. But they are harder to accept as being valuable, I guess that requires a little more patience, and vision on my part of what they are worth to giving my life, family, friends, and community a better view on the horizon.
    The plateau is no problem for me, almost respite and welcomed even sometimes if, and that actually is a big IF, I am doing what I love, But if I plateau trying to get to where I am doing what I love, that is frustrating.

    Relationships. That is so true. It is really hard to know this and yet not be able or be capable of making the connections with those who we love and want to make those connections with; when no matter how hard we try and no matter how much effort we put into trying we are not successful. Ugg.. that word “try” is never enough. That is frustrating too! Because of how important they are, the relationships in our lives.

    Thank to Conor for reaching out to the world with your great insights and genuine ways!

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