I’ve never met a rich optimist

“I’ve never met a rich optimist”

Russell Kane

I heard this quote this morning on the High Performance podcast, and it made me stop and reflect.

I was an optimist for the first 40 years of life… and I’m working hard to change… Optimism is good for happiness, but not for taking disciplined, difficult actions that make a positive impact on your future.

Check out the video above, filmed in Seville next to the Cathedral.

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5 responses to “I’ve never met a rich optimist”

  1. Many thanks for this most thoughtful video, Coner.

    Have you considered that there doesn’t have to be a direct correlation between one’s optimism and the significantly different concept of hope?

    I submit that a realistic optimist can remain optimistic without necessarily harbouring unrealistic hopes.

    A realistic optimist can prepare for the worst while hoping for the best.

    Happy running in the Seville sunshine!

    Cheers, Michael Dodd

    1. Thank you Michael
      There are a lot of words here that could benefit from clarifications…
      Hope & optimism & realism…
      Also who’s to say what a “better future” might be?
      But my own personal experience is that my optimism has often been a barrier to taking necessary action today…

      1. Thanks for your thoughts, Coner.

        As ever, there is much food for thought within them.

        Your video’s central point about optimism potentially being a barrier to taking necessary action today is a good one.

        Have you ever met a suicidal optimist?

      2. Have I ever met a suicidal optimist… at 20.. no, at 30.. no… but at 55 when there is an overwhelming realisation that you have waiting too long to take action and all those wonderful ambitions of your youth are unlikely to come to pass… because you never started… “suicidal” – no; “depressed” – yes.

      3. Thanks for your latest insights, @cuchullainn:disqus. Have the depressed 55-year-old optimists remained optimists?

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