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How to be the Motivator for others (continually, without tiring…)?

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I would like to help those closest to me to reach their full potential and heal from seminal wounds passed down generationally. I am a good communicator and I like to help people to achieve to their highest level. I want to learn to strike the perfect balance between helping people and not sounding condescending.

As the title to your website says I want to help people to move in to action.

The people around me who are emotionally and mentally burdened find it difficult to motivate themselves into action, leading me to feel as though I should be responsible for stirring up motivation and energy in them. I am okay with this responsibility as I know I have the energy to do this but at times I get tired and frustrated with the people who I feel rely on me. This leads me to then get frustrated at myself as I understand that this reaction to inertia on the part of others isn’t justified.

I want to learn and get better at helping to guide and motivate people and I want to find a way to help people realise their full potential. Please direct me to any recourses you have on communication.

Many thanks,


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I tend to focus more on self-motivation. So whatever supports intrinsic motivation is my choice. Career analyst, Dan Pink, identified three ways to foment intrinsic motivation: autonomy, excellence, and meaning. I find that the teams I have worked with in the past that sustained their levels of motivation were teams that displayed high levels of these three elements. Also, a high ratio of positive to constructive feedback helps keep motivation going. 

Conor Neill Topic starter 25/07/2020 4:30 pm

love the idea… the most powerful way to make others happy… is to truly be happy yourself… and the most powerful way to motivate others (that want to be motivated) is to stay motivated yourself!
Un abrazo amigo (desde Portugal!)

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