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I cant speak with people in any topics (just give general expression), I have lack ability to speak ,as slow response people ,friends don't like to sit with me, because I keep silent,or if a family visit our family ,I say in my self what can I ask , what can I say , and play in mobile for protection

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This was the same problem with me and still I have this issue, although I'm much batter then my past but still I need more improvement.  I can't speak with people and most of the time I couldn't deliver them what actually I'm trying to say. Most of the time I got rejection from my job and the reason was lack of confidence. Now I'm approving day by day, before going to any meeting or any office interview and I practice in front of mirror or sometimes I lock my room and speak with my own self, it gives me confidence and make my speaking power good, I practice to speak in English to make my language skills batter and I can feel a big change in my personality after this exercise. 

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