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What it needs in order someone to achieve immune to pressure?

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Hello Conor,

Thank you very much for your inspiration and i wish you to keep on with your very interesting and philosophical videos.

if i had the chance to meet you and i had the opportunity of only 1 question for you, my question would be the following:

Question: What it needs in order someone to achieve immune to pressure?

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Good question! I’d love to understand more about the context…  

We all have a breaking point… 

A friend of mine was in the special forces for his country’s military. He once went through a training on how to handle being captured and tortured. The training was both content, and practical (they kidnapped him). 

The training told him that everyone will break. Share what you know. The only way that you will not share is if you do not know something. If you know anything, you will eventually be broken and you will share it.

So there is a level of pressure that will break every single one of us.  For some it is school exams. For some it is a swim race.  For some it is torture in a prison camp.  I don’t think you can become completely immune to pressure.

4 Ways to Handle Anxiety

I shared a video a few years ago about 4 ways to handle anxiety – I think this video goes a long way towards how you can shift your mindset and train yourself to have a greater capacity for resilience.


Hope these perspectives help 😉


Billykk Billykk 27/01/2021 4:11 pm

thank you!

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