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How to put all this personal development into practice in my life? | [Colm F.]

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Hi Conor Really enjoy the content that you are putting out. A question I have is related how to actually put into practice what you have learned and make it stick. One of the difficulties that I have found through my own professional development training and my own journey into reading people like Dale Carnegie, J Peterson, Dave Alred and your good self is that it can be difficult to make it stick. The more you read the more you want to explore but you end up going down a rabbit hole. One Ted talk leads to another in the search for the silver bullet. Maybe on a subconscious level some of the lessons are being absorbed but it never feels like a conscious process. Any thoughts

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There is an expression “self help procrastination”

Says Steven Rider on MediumReading productivity and self-help tips used to be my favorite form of procrastination.”

Personally I dedicate a specific time to reflection on purpose and habits.  Outside of this set time, I work hard on the thing that is in front of me at that time. When you are hiking in the mountains, if you are stopping every 10 minutes to check the map and compass and ask yourself and others if you are on the right path, you don’t make a lot of distance, and you don’t enjoy the view. There is a time to check map and compass, and there is a time to commit to the chosen path.

When I first took performance seriously (when I started to write and take writing seriously… so I had a daily metric of whether I had produced or not… number of words)… I spent too much time reading the next tip, watching the next TED…  I spent a lot of time thinking and writing about my own purpose, and my own life plan.

After a few years I decided I would limit myself to an hour a week of reflection on purpose and “is what I am working the right thing to be working on?” 

It is good to be aware of purpose and improved habits, but once you have decided on a direction it is important to start moving.