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How to start Vlogging/Youtubing to support my Business? [Rene W]

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Hey Conor, just to let you know I’m taking the deep dive into vlogs… Not sure how good I will be… but I will take the opportunity that appears for me!

With a beginners mind, I would like to learn from you: Do you have tips for me, that will help me to start making vlogs (e.g.having a great background scenery or any other tips).

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How to begin vlogging 
This is based on my last 5 years of youtubing (now at 185,000 subscribers, over 17M video views) and over 11 years of maintaining a regular blog here at http://www.conorneill.com.
My advice to you…  point 5 is by far the single most important tip
  1. Do it with a primary intent to learn and build connections… Do not do it with the intent to make money, to sell… 
  2. Be yourself and have an opinion; don’t be brochureware; blog as yourself, not your position or role: CEO, entrepreneur or professor.
  3. Share what you are learning, not what you are an expert in (if you are an expert, share the expertise where it will get you more credibility – Forbes, HBS, IESE, etc)
  4. Get a notebook and add video ideas everyday… every story, every question, every quote that strikes you as interesting should go into this notebook.  I use Evernote to capture these ideas as it is both on my iPhone and my Mac. I often get ideas when running and can quickly add a note (while I run… If I wait I will forget the idea).  Lists are a good structure for my videos – 3 ways to improve X, 4 ways to identify Y.
  5. Become consistent… all successful YouTube channels have a consistent publishing routine – weekly, bi-weekly (most effective for channel growth), etc.  Best to share once a week, than to upload 3-6 at a time.  Often I get the video camera set up and hit record… and wait for a few seconds or minutes for an idea to come… Once the camera is recording, you are going to make something.  Don’t wait until you are 100% clear on the video idea before you hit record.  You can always delete and re-do.  Publishing a bad video makes next week easier… publishing a video you think is excellent makes next video harder…  Consistence is much, much more important than one excellent video.
  6. Use the camera that you have now… an iphone is excellent. For youtube Audio is much, much more important than video quality – so become expert in audio before investing massively in video cameras.  First purchase beyond mobile phone should be lavalier microphone and quality audio recorder. Here is the kit that I use https://conorneill.com/2018/11/06/conors-camera-audio-kit-for-vlogging/
  7. The most important metric (to get YouTube algorithm proactively supporting your channel) is Watch Time in first 48 hours – build an email distribution list and generate views in the first day after publishing.  Watch time is total time of viewing… a few viewers watching the whole video is more important than hundreds who only view the first 20-30 seconds
  8. Switching on advertising on your videos seems to give them a boost…. I don’t fully understand this phenomenon but I have seen that when I allow advertising on old videos they get a renewed boost from YouTube. I switch on ads once videos have been online for 6-8 weeks. No data to support this… but there is something happening here.
More Ideas on Advanced Vlogging 
What I don’t do, but I think could be Good Strategies in future
  • Do joint videos with channels which have about the same number of subscribers as you.  (The big channels have no interest in someone with a 10x less subscriber count unless you bring something truly special).
  • Use playlists more effectively – share playlists rather than individual videos… you can generate a series of views rather than one at a time.
  • Livestreaming – haven’t tried it… but thinking of doing some sessions next year
  • Paid online course… I am looking at putting together a paid online course next year – it would be used mainly as a filter for having coffee with new people… if you want an hour of my time, first do your homework… then we can go and have a deep, specific, focussed conversation.  I have too many coffees with people who haven’t done the basic thinking about their own life and what they want from me.

What other questions, ideas, comments or reflections do you have? 


very useful info, Conor! thanks a lot! 

Conor Neill Topic starter 29/11/2019 1:57 pm


looking forward to your next couple of videos!

I have a facebook group for regular youtube creators – once you’ve got a few weeks of consistent creation under your belt, ask me for an invite to the group. We share experiences, motivation and tips for keeping on making videos.

Some of the vlogging tips from that group:

  • I like Gary Vee’s suggestion of document, not create. This eases a lot of pressure to create something original each time.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RVKofRN1dyI
  • Since the question is on getting started with vlogging, you must also address the biggest friction point – to get started. You need to advice them to just get started without wondering about what others might think about the output and embrace the amateur mentality. I made an impromptu video on embracing amateur mentality on Facebook and it became my most popular FB videos. Even though the video was bad, a lot of people connected to it:  https://www.facebook.com/goalsdrivenlife/videos/977335652614513/
  • Start with some tutorials and how-to videos. Not sure what the business is but if your friend makes videos that help solve potential customers’ problems, then they will want to do business with your friend. I think vlogging, in contrast, may not appeal to potential customers as much. Just my two cents.
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