Increasing connections is easy. Increasing connectedness is hard.

Just because you can measure it doesn’t mean it is more important.

Quantity or Quality?

More connections does not mean more connected.  Connected is a factor of quality and regularity over sheer quantity.  However, I do believe that there are ways that online can be a powerful amplified of connection.

The danger is that humans have some inbuilt senses of “progress” or not “progress” and it doesn’t fully work with some of the new tools.  When we are sat watching TV, most of us know that we are not being productive.  Even a young kid knows that they are skipping out on doing their homework.  However, I have a tendency to feel that most stuff on a computer is “progress” – even though I know writing a blog post is far better use of my time than scanning and poorly responding to 100 emails.

Increasing connections is easy.  Increasing connectedness is hard.

Increase connectedness rather than number of connections.

How do you define connectedness?

What are your thoughts?

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