Imperfect or Mediocre?

A Black Hole Overflows (NASA, Chandra, 2/2/09)
NASA photo of Centaurus A that shows the effects of a supermassive black hole.

I just spent the last 60 minutes wasting time.  I sat down at the computer with a clear intention to write an article.  I opened Scrivener, my writing software.  I looked at the blank page…  and allowed myself to open email…  check facebook…  Google+, and have just now surfaced from a 60 minute black hole of drifting wasteland.


I think I had set myself too high a bar for the article that I was going to write.  I had made the schoolboy error of trying for perfection.  My lizard brain loves moment’s like this, because it is when it can really ensure that I get nothing done.

Aiming for Perfection leads to Doing Nothing.

I am going to go outside and sit in the sunshine with a book.  When I come back, I will set my sights on an imperfect version of the article.

The other choice is keep aiming for perfection and keep doing nothing.  The “Mediocre” choice.

Only two choices here.  Imperfect or Mediocre.