The Super-Power of Persuasive Communication

This is a guest post from Valerio Flumini.  Valerio is a business consultant.  He loves learning, problem solving and great people.  He combined all three during his MBA at IESE Business School in Barcelona; he will shortly start a new career at Averda.

The Super-Power of Persuasive Communication

Last night, I was watching an episode of X-men.

The X-Men are each gifted with one superpower.  Magneto has power to control, shape, and move metal.  Wolverine is indestructible.   Storm can control the weather and produce lightening bolts.

I was thinking: “If I could pick up one of these superpowers which one would I choose?” After reflecting for a while I came to the conclusion that the superpower I would desire most is that of Phoenix.  Phoenix has the power of mind control.

Mind control is the power to influence and persuade other people.  This is the single most useful super power that a person could have.

The single most useful super power

Imagine how sensational it would be to persuade companies to hire you; investors to put money behind your ideas or to get the most wonderful girl you know to come to dinner with you.

A moment later, I thought: “Hold on a second! That’s not a super power like passing through walls, transforming weather or manipulating metal!”

The super power of mind control can be developed.  The perfect example was a persuasive communications class I took during my IESE MBA. At the beginning of the program I was scared to raise my hand and say a single word; after 18 months I was happy to give speeches in front of 70 people and found myself relaxed during a conversation with the CEO of an important multinational.

This is a super power that I can choose to develop

There are tools and tactics that get people engaged and listening, there are ways to show my credibility, and there are ways to call for action.  These can be practiced.

Now the question is: “How much it can be improved? How far can I go?”

I have been developing an online module of my Persuasive Communications seminar.  This module is currently free.  Check it out at Improve My Speaking.  Feel free to share this resource with friends (and people who need it).