The Simple Maths of Leadership

leaders-open-3My friend Bill Treasurer’s fourth book “Leaders Open Doors” is now available. In 90 easy to read pages, Bill cuts layers of confusion out of the term “Leadership”.

Bill had an “Aha!” moment about a year ago.  (I mean Aha as in the story of Archimedes in the bath).

Bill has been teaching, coaching and mentoring leaders for over 20 years.  He has worked with CEOs, Presidents, Teachers, Entrepreneurs… but never yet with his children.

Earlier than expected, his moment came. His 5 year old son, Ian, came home from school and with a big smile proclaimed “Guess what, Daddy—I got to be the class leader today!”

This was to be Bill’s big moment…

Bill felt this was the moment where he would finally get to show his 5 year old the value of his lifetime of studying leadership. Bill, looked at his son and asked:

“Really? Class leader? That’s a big deal, little buddy. What did you get to do as the class leader?”

Instead of opening Ian up to Bill’s 20 years of leadership knowledge, in 7 words Ian knocked back his dad’s question with an answer that caused his dad to drop all his expertise, and realise that his son had just described leadership in a far more deep and profound way than he himself had ever managed in 20 years of teaching, speaking, writing and coaching.

Ian’s answer was simple:

“I got to open doors for people!”

…Bill learnt more from his son

In a matter of fifteen seconds, with seven simple words, Ian clarified what’s most important about leadership.

Bill’s new book takes this simple story and shares the simple steps that allow leaders to step up to their real role in society.

About Bill Treasurer

Bill is Chief Encouragement Officer at Giant Leap Consulting and former U.S. High Diver, wants leaders to be a part of opening doors of opportunities for others to thrive, achieve, and lead. The proceeds of his new book, Leaders Open Doors, are being donated to charities that serve children with special needs. Available on Amazon.

The Simple Maths of Leadership

A leader’s job is to open 3 types of doors for people:

  • Doors of Opportunity
  • Doors of Accountability
  • Doors of Discomfort


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