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Finding Courage as a Leader

Today is Martin Luther King Day.  Martin Luther King had courage as a leader to stand up for what is right.  He was willing, and did finally, pay the full price as a leader. Update: I recorded a Facebook Live video session about this post and Bill Treasurer’s new book: Bill Treasurer’s latest book, “A Leadership […]

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey

This is a great summary video of a book that had a great impact on me back when I was 23 years old.  I was working for Accenture (in those days, Andersen Consulting) and the organisation shared this book with all employees.  There’s a photo there of me there on the right with my leather […]

The Simple Maths of Leadership

My friend Bill Treasurer’s fourth book “Leaders Open Doors” is now available. In 90 easy to read pages, Bill cuts layers of confusion out of the term “Leadership”. Bill had an “Aha!” moment about a year ago.  (I mean Aha as in the story of Archimedes in the bath). Bill has been teaching, coaching and […]

7 Great Business Books

Who are your “Passive Mentors”? Mentors make a big difference in my life. There are 2 types of mentor: Active and Passive mentors. Active mentors are those that you meet in person, interact with and get to know. Passive mentors are those that you learn from without them knowing.  Book authors are one of the […]

Interview: Manel Baucells, Author of Engineering Happiness

Manel Baucells was the favourite Professor amongst students when I did my MBA at IESE Business School.  He taught Decision Analysis.  There are certain types of situation under which humans will take poor (rational) decisions.  We study this subject so that we can reduce the likelihood that we will take similar poor decisions under similar […]

Book Review: Double Double by Cameron Herold

I met Cameron Herold at an Entrepreneurs’ Organisation meeting in Vancouver, Canada two years ago. He gave a keynote session to the group. He was passionate… and he left me with practical tools that I took home and implemented. It is rare to find this combination. Cameron delivers. He clearly has a passion to see […]

Happy Dia de San Jordi

Today is La Diada de San Jordi in Catalunya; also known as The day of the Rose or The day of the Book. This is as big a day as Valentine’s day for folks in Barcelona.  Girls give books and boys give roses to the important people in their lives. My favourite novels of the […]

Centrifugal Performer

By Milica Ilic

Manner of Speaking

"All the great speakers were bad speakers at first." — Ralph W. Emerson


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