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TED Talks by IESE Faculty [video playlist]

Join our #YouTubePlaylist #TEDtalks by our Faculty with Professors @PankajGhemawat @xavieroliver @cuchullainn — IESE Business School (@iesebs) June 13, 2014 IESE Faculty TED Talks Follow these speakers IESE Business School Pankaj Ghemawat Xavier Oliver Conor Neill

The 3 Hardest Words in Management

What are the 3 words that managers find hardest to say? They are possibly the 3 words that parents find hardest to say to children.  They are 3 words that teachers very rarely say to their students. They are not “You’re the Best”. They are not “I love you”.  What might they be? The 3 hardest […]

Interview: Manel Baucells, Author of Engineering Happiness

Manel Baucells was the favourite Professor amongst students when I did my MBA at IESE Business School.  He taught Decision Analysis.  There are certain types of situation under which humans will take poor (rational) decisions.  We study this subject so that we can reduce the likelihood that we will take similar poor decisions under similar […]

6 Steps for Business Problem Solving

The 6 steps for Business Problem Solving What is the Problem? What Alternatives exist? What Criteria are important? Analyse alternatives against criteria Choose the Best Option. Define the Execution Plan. These steps come from the IESE MBA Course Analysis of Business Problems (ABP).  Wikipedia has a great section on Structured Decision Making models.

Video: 5 Aspects that Give you a Powerful Speaking Voice

I have prepared a series of short videos for my IESE courses this year. This is a 3 minute video describing the 5 aspects of a powerful speaking voice.  A powerful voice will transmit authority to your audience and allow them to engage with you as a credible leader.  (The video is here on my […]

Education: To make a living or to make a life?

What should we learn?  How to make a living or how to live a life?  Where should we learn it?  Who should be responsible for us learning it?  Ourselves or the state? Make a living or make a life? In the case of universities – it it really to learn how to do something?  Or […]

When will the economy come back?

People ask “when will the economy come back”. The answer is “it will not. not like it was. not like you buy an appartment and sell it in 2 years for 200%” But there will be a new economy. A big positive is that 1 billion new people will enter the middle classes in the […]

Four false myths of innovation and creativity

Four false myths of creativity from The Innovation Architect blog: Creativity should be fun – brainstorming and coloured post-it notes are preferred to the hard work of challenging existing practices and solving recurrent problems. As a boss, are you prepared to be told that “you have been doing it wrong”? All ideas are good; all […]

HR’s most important task. A real paradox (especially for MBAs)

I am in IESE Business School’s library today.  I am reading Jeffrey Pfeffer‘s article “HR’s most important task“.  He starts: “Here is a paradox.  In the financial markets, investment information is rapidly and efficiently diffused.  New product and service innovations, be they junk bonds, new forms of options, or debt securities that allocate and price risk in […]

The best teacher I had in school

Mr Matz. He taught biology.  I was 14.  I was living in Chicago having moved from Dublin and going to New Trier Township High school up in the northern suburbs. Mr Matz started the first class by holding up the biology textbook and asking how much it was worth?  $30.  He told us that if we learnt everything […]

Centrifugal Performer

By Milica Ilic

Manner of Speaking

"All the great speakers were bad speakers at first." — Ralph W. Emerson


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