Video: 5 Aspects that Give you a Powerful Speaking Voice

I have prepared a series of short videos for my IESE courses this year. This is a 3 minute video describing the 5 aspects of a powerful speaking voice.  A powerful voice will transmit authority to your audience and allow them to engage with you as a credible leader.  

The five aspects of a powerful speaking voice

The five aspects of a powerful speaking voice are:

  1. Breathing
  2. Resonance
  3. Silence (and vocal variety)
  4. Articulation
  5. Downward Inflection

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Over to you

How do you warm up your voice before speaking?  Do you have any exercises that work for you?  What would you most like to change about your voice?

Would you like to see more videos on this blog?  Is this a helpful format?  What questions would you like me to address via videos?

Have a great day.

10 responses to “Video: 5 Aspects that Give you a Powerful Speaking Voice”

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  2. Wow. Lesson increasing vocal emphasis is the most challenging part of training so far for me. Such easy sentence about blue book can really have different meaning. I have to keep practicing because speaking voice is great opportunity for my improvement. And I am going to improve my speaking. Thank you Conor for e-mail driven course.

  3. Dear Conor. Thank you so much for this vdeo. It is really great and useful! Actually, now I am learning English, and to transcript this video was my home task. I have done it, but do not understand one word as “remove the RAYANO” or what (approximately on 00:01:33 sec). What does mean this word? First of all, how to spel it? Thank you. Best regards Jazgul. The Kyrgyz Republic, Bishkek

    1. hehe – “Relleno” is a spanish word… for the filling – like in a donut – remove the filling! 😉

  4. hi conor neill am from india

  5. Thank you Conor, I have done it very challenging to deal with the unnecessary sound. but i am still practising

  6. You are definitely emulating the powerful voice, this is part of the reason I decided to follow you to assist me in my communication and presentation skills

    1. 😉 I remember someone told me that to teach communication is the stupidest decision for a teacher: you can’t hide behind anything. If a teacher of financial accounting speaks poorly, we assume he still is a guru of finance… but if a communication teacher speaks poorly… no hope 😉

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