Waiting for the “Perfect Moment”

I’m guilty of sometimes waiting for that “perfect moment”.

Its a great way to spoil this current moment.

Johnnie Fox’s Pub

Last night, I was up in Johnnie Fox’s pub with my brother, sister and their loves in the mountains behind Dublin. We had spent most of a week together over the Christmas period.

My sister said “I learnt this year that you can’t live waiting for the perfect moment. The only moment that you’ve got is this one right here”.

I regularly travel over to Dublin for Christmas and a part of me always feels the need to have big connecting moments where family feels real and important. Years past I have taken the flight back to Barcelona at the end of a week with family with a feeling that it didn’t happen, the special moment didn’t occur, the big connecting instant hadn’t arisen.

This year, I may have learnt from my sister. I didn’t go expecting to have “big, perfect” moments – only to enjoy the moments that were happening.

I guess all that Zen stuff is getting to me…

…but it is true.

Waiting for the “perfect moment” spoils the great moments that are happening all around.

2 responses to “Waiting for the “Perfect Moment””

  1. Waiting for the perfect moment is waiting for something that it does not exist. Same thing as when you say, “I will run tomorrow..because it is cold today, or… ” There are only two moments you cannot control: yesterday and tomorrow..so better do whatever you want to do today.
    Ah! And repeat this sentence one thousand times, because temptations to forget the rule are e a s y to find.. 🙂

    1. I know it, but I forget it often… maybe this means that I don’t really know it 😉

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