Getting the Love you Want…

This is a humorous but impactful video that will help remind you forever that people want to feel understood, not to have their problems solved.

I was at Entrepreneurs’ Organisation Global Leadership Conference last week in Athens.  One of the closing speakers was Hedy Schliefer.  She spoke on the art of deeply connecting with another person.

The 3 Parts of Deep Connection

Her TED talk is a wonderfully passionate description of the 3 pieces of deep connection. I can tell you that the passion and the joy that she shares in the 18 minutes of TED is the same as she lives each day.  When I was waiting behind the stage getting ready for my own speech, she cared more about connecting to me than stressing about her “performance”.  I was more stressed about my own upcoming performance and not giving anyone else any real empathy or attention.



2 responses to “Getting the Love you Want…”

  1. It was really funny to see the first video. It is true. People want to feel undertood. It´s a very good idea and a very good add.

    But the speech by Hedy Schliefer is impressive. It is full of passion and she knows how to connect with people because she really believes in what she is saying. Thanks for sharing it, Conor.


    1. I can say that Hedy lives this message every day – she was a pleasure to spend time with.

      The first video is brilliant – it really “nails” the message 😉

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