The Single Worst Question you can Ask yourself

Do you know what is the worst question that you can ask yourself?

It is a powerful question If you intend to avoid living a life that is fulfilling at all the levels: safety, risk, connection, significance, growth and contribution.

What big goals do you have for yourself?  (You do have them, whether you have taken the time to write them out or not.) What is the next step?  The step that takes you from where you are today towards where you need to be for your goal to become realised.

Now, when you look at that step, there is a question that is guaranteed to kill the chance of you achieving the goal.

It is guaranteed to stop you taking action.

It might be fitness action, it might be relationships action, it might be learning reaction, it might be better eating action… but this question is guaranteed to stop you.

The Kill-Joy Question

It is a simple question, it seems a reasonable question to ask oneself.

I hear it all the time.

It gets into every nook and cranny of our lives, it seeps in to every effort.

I use it too often myself.

The Small Life Question

What is the question?

“Do I feel like doing this?”

Each day is an opportunity to make an incremental difference in how your journey in life pans out in the long-term.

Every day that you do “what you feel like doing” is a day that doesn’t build you a better platform for tomorrow, nor does it give a sense of a day used for fulfilment today.

Do I feel like writing now?  No.

Do I feel like going for a run before lunch?  No.

Do I feel like calling my accountant and getting our accounts closed before year end?  No.  (Definitely no).

Do I feel like making a detailed plan for 2015?  No.

Even the things that make me happy, are things that I don’t feel like doing just before I start.

PS You probably already know this, but this is an important reminder to myself this morning…

4 responses to “The Single Worst Question you can Ask yourself”

  1. The problem with trying to develop self-discipline–at least for me–is that it requires self-discipline to improve.

  2. Conor

    Wonderfull comment. It takes it right to the heart of the matter.

    That is why Anthony Roberts and others focus so much on “Changing your State” as they call it – your State of Mind, your Mood, your way of being.

    It is really tricky to psych yourself up to do stuff you don’t want to do – stuff you do not feel like doing.

    But every public Speaker learns to do it – otherwise you would not be a successful speaker.
    in that regard public speaking teaches you to override your mood.

    When you go in front of your audience – you probably feel highly committed to deliver only your best to your audience, so before the time you psych yourself up and ..well I say to myself a few times: “Time to Shine baby! Time to shine!” , “Let’s Boogie!”

    It is the same with athletes before they jump into action at the sound of the pistol at the starting-line, or before they start running to a Long-jump, it is the act of scrambling yourself into full attack mode like a squadron of fighter jets.

    You can hear Top Gun theme songs playing in your head.

    Is’nt it?


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