Life is not Hard, it is easy

Life is not hard, it is easy.  That is the problem.

Why do we stop chasing our dreams? Because it is so easy to wake up, do the minimum, eat, sleep and repeat. Meet someone, bring up kids, drift and die…

It is easy to live.

That is the curse.

It is easy to look at a dream as something far off in the future, a thing.

It is also a verb, it has to be chased.  A dream is all the steps.

This is a wake up call.  We are all dying, but if you are not chasing your dream, you are already dead.

I’m dying to…..

Most people didn’t know what to write.  We let people off the hook with small, short term dreams “I’m dying to have a drink”  “I’m dying to have more friends”

If you don’t know the answer, don’t wait until someday to answer this question.  When you do figure it out, you will sleep like a kid again.  You will sleep with a dream and wake up with a dream as well.

Inspired by Steve Mazen’s TEDx talk:

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2 responses to “Life is not Hard, it is easy”

  1. Oh, Conor! I couldn’t disagree more with you my friend! You know I love you but life is anything but easy. Most of the poople have to struggle every single day to weak up, eat, raise kids, get some water and the repeat!! Simple life (not easy life as you define it) is tremendously difficult for most of us. Sometimes because of material lack sometimes it’s simply in our heads.

    And what the heck is a “dream”?? I prefer to talk about purpose, that’s what makes me sleep really well, to konw it and to live it. A dream could just com out of my ego’s need and that will never let sleep my soul.

    In my case, my real purpose is actually to do the simple things you mention; eat, sleep, listen, love, help, raise my kids, be, and give a 7 seconds hug when I see you!

    1. Great. Nothing better than a polemic discussion to raise the passions!

      There is a paradox – the only thing that is real is this current moment, vs making a sacrifice in order to have something tomorrow. In one way it might be best to ignore tomorrow and live this moment – be 100% with kids when with kids, be 100% at work when at work. On the other hand, and here we come down to spirituality – what is a good use of the loan of life? survival? Will St Peter be happy with that story when you show up at the pearly gates? Will your grandkids be good with that? Will you?

      But, this is a discussion to be had over calçots or vino tinto… lets make that happen.

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