Need an Easy Win?

Some days feel harder to get going than others.  The big mission feels a bit too big for today.  I need something else, something smaller: An Easy Win.

What are my easy wins?

One is a blog post.  I never allow myself to take more than 20 minutes before I hit publish, and there is some pretty instant feedback as readers start to register on the wordpress statistics.  A blog post doesn’t change the world, but each one helps me clarify my thinking and become more articulate in expressing myself.

An even lazier win is to check my latest view statistics on youtube.  This probably shouldn’t be counted in the category of win, but it makes me feel like my work matters (100,000 views per month…  makes me feel very important for a minute).

Another easy win is to call a friend and listen, and thank them for their work.  This always leads to me feeling better and having energy to get back onto something important.

What are your easy wins?

Do you have a list of easy wins?  Some days you need a little kick to get you started on the day and a simple list of easy wins can make the difference between a day spent playing playstation and a day spent making tomorrow slightly better.  Some easy wins we can achieve are:

  • Go for a 15 minute walk around the block (health)
  • Phone a friend: listen and help someone (build a relationship)
  • Make a short video explaining a project to practice your communication (growth, mastery)
  • Practice the piano (mastery)
  • Review your bucket list and set a date for an adventure (vision)
  • Write a positive recommendation for someone that has helped you on linkedin (relationship)
  • Watch a TED talk (growth)

What are your easy wins?  Any good ones will go onto my own list!  thanks 😉

7 responses to “Need an Easy Win?”

  1. True, true

    I also have good help from reconnecting my latest efforts (compared to reading results) to my goals and purposes. Because most of the times when I’ve found myself a little low and slow, it usually comes from having lost my orientation a bit: Where was I? Where was I going?

  2. My easy win is an extension of yours Conor, I always try and end the week with a mini review to see if I can find someone or a team who have gone that little bit further and in the process made life easier for me, them our company or our customers…..when I find that I email them and I say thank you.
    Put s a smile on their ( and your) face ready for the weekend!

  3. Simple, yet very powerful list.

    1. My easy wins are an extension of your list..

      – take time to play with your kids
      – go for a movie with your family
      – participate in a charity

      I would love to hear your thought on them

      1. Good wins! I like 😉

  4. Sergio Rodrigues Avatar
    Sergio Rodrigues

    I am also a proponent of easy wins,even having an AP – WinStreaks – to register them.
    But I have been pushing myself too hard when it comes to select my little wins on a daily basis.
    Your post gave me valuable insight. Thanks a lot

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