Make a Better First Impression [infographic]

If a relationship really matters, it’s best to get face to face.  95% of corporate leaders believe getting face-to-face time is key to successful business relationships; a virtual meeting can never quite substitute meeting someone in person. Here’s an infographic that summarises the research about the impact of face to face meetings over technology-enabled first meetings.

Make a Great First Impression

Note to readers…  this research was conducted by a travel agency…  so there might be some bias…  but still a useful reflection on what you can work on to really engage with people when you get face to face.  Here’s the link to the original of the infographic at CT Business Travel’s blog.



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  1. Eduardo - Edi - Navas Avatar
    Eduardo – Edi – Navas

    Great post! ! I love it,
    Fully agree, I just made many good businesses building on that.
    Many thanks Conor

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