[Video] The 5 States of Human Performance (From the Coaches Perspective)

You are at one of these 5 places in your life

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The 5 States of Human Performance

The 9 minute video shares a tip for how to move forward from each of these 5 states.  I share my story of 2009, of coming back from bankruptcy and loss of family and how I moved out of stage 5 (starting at minute 5:24 in the video).

  1. You know your goal and you’re going after it: Enjoy it.  (Find someone you can help.)
  2. You know your goal and you’re stuck and can’t find your way there: Find a Mentor. Ask someone who has already had success about how they overcame this obstacle.
  3. You know your goal and you are letting distractions win: Use the Pomodoro Method.
  4. You don’t know your goal and you’re miserable: Ask a few friends (not the cynical ones) what they think you are good at and what they think you should work on
  5. You’ve given up on your goals and you’re miserable: Move your body: Go for a walk. Set one tiny goal to help one other person.


PS if you can’t decide which state you are it, you in state 4.

Find a goal. Aim at it.

Let me know a) which place you are at and b) the goal you choose in the comments below 😉

3 responses to “[Video] The 5 States of Human Performance (From the Coaches Perspective)”

  1. Hello Conor, I ‘d like to thank you , for the inspiration. I do think , that I belong to nu 4 , and have many things in common with your 2009 experience.Questions like , what do I want , what are my goals ?why , where , with who?Kind of questions coming from a spectacular seminar that our company offered us.Sometimes I catch myself being very analytical , and there I miss the ‘today’s’ life , and I think about past or future.i wish I could just reset my mind an my thoughts.Thank you, Debbie

  2. Hi Connor,
    Congratulations for this post, another great one!
    Answering to your request, I have just envisionned where to go, so I`d love to think I am somewhere in between #2 and #1… yet fine-tunning!!

    Pilar Bringas

  3. Hello Conor,

    Just had a busy focused time since Christmas planning and organising a few events regarding social justice issues.
    Firstly, jointly organised an important workshop surrounding the difficult questions surrounding migration issues. This involved cancelling one venue after publicity gone out and quickly rebooking another location I had already cancelled.
    Secondly, I’ve organised a Monsanto eye-opening photographic exhibitions to run from 20th Feb to end of academic term in March – one at a local University and the other at Quaker Friends Meeting House in City Centre.
    Thirdly, I spoke three times at the week-end church venue on the importance of showing our love for our earth in the face of Climate Change urging people to start conversations today Valentines Day about what they love about nature/environment around them with family, neighbours or complete strangers!

    So, I think that I am in the first type of person — at the moment— but how to remain consistent- ah, that’s the rub!.

    Happy St Valentines Day to all and thanks for sharing

    Hannah Hookes

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