The 3 Key Moments of a Human Life (from Warren Rustand)

Fletcher McKenzie, Warren Rustand, Conor Neill and Carlo Santoro in front of Thomas Jeffersons portrait

Warren Rustand told me that there are 3 key moments in a human life. This video was made in Dubai during a trip there to work with a leading global company on their leadership.

The 3 key moments of a human life:

  1. Realise why you are here
  2. Decide to do something about it
  3. Actually begin

Warren focusses on 3 areas of Leadership when he works with groups on their leadership capacity:

  1. Clarity of Vision
  2. Certainty of Action
  3. Strength of Values

Warren Rustand speaking to EO

Where to find Warren Rustand?


  1. I agree Conor Action is part of the key to Success, and “someday” is not a day of the week, as someday sadly usually means never. Creating or finding your mission, and values is a key part of the success puzzle, using it as a guide on a daily basis brings the biggest returns.

    1. You must cultivate a silence in which your inner voice can be heard. If you are busy and noisy all the time, you won’t hear your inner voice tell you what your purpose is

  2. The first key moment reminds me of something I once heard: The two most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why. Of course, it is what comes after that second day that counts.

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