How to Be Boring (5 Specific Areas to Develop)

This is the detailed guide to boring others. In this video from Portugal, I share the 5 best ways that you can develop an ability to bore the people around you.

The 5 Specific Areas to Develop to Be Boring

  1. Negative Attitude
  2. No Interest in Others
  3. Stay in your Comfort Zone
  4. Be a People Pleaser
  5. No Social Awareness

The 4 Areas to Develop to be Deeply Interesting

  1. Find a Cause to Support
  2. Take Courageous Leaps of Faith (help others)
  3. Get out and Explore this World
  4. Cultivate Weirdness 


2 responses to “How to Be Boring (5 Specific Areas to Develop)”

  1. Thanks for your video and showing the view/surrounding to us! It was great opportunity to reflect on the qualities of the “boring” and “deeply interesting.” It came to me on the right time, as in my new work place, I am working with new people/culture/… Awareness of these qualities is very
    helpful. Thanks again for sharing.

    1. Thank you Mina – the Algarve is a wonderful place – very undeveloped compared to most sunny beach areas of Europe 😉

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