The Power of Perspective: The 4 Seasons of our Life

This video is about the 4 seasons of nature, and the 4 seasons of our life.

Farmers understand the seasons – they don’t plant in autumn and try to reap a harvest in winter… they know that spring is for planting, summer is for nurturing and autumn is for reaping.

In our own lives we have these seasons. If you can recognise the seasons of your life, you can keep a better perspective and clarity about what you are seeking to achieve.

Stay strong… and remember: all winters come to an end and spring, the window of opportunity will come again.

I mentioned Brandon Dempsey’s blog post: How to cautiously and successfully reap the rewards of your hard work

4 responses to “The Power of Perspective: The 4 Seasons of our Life”

  1. For me this was a new take on the seasons-very useful! I have recently started a blog, and I can see that I am in spring-the season to sew. Now I am doing the giving and the work so my blog will grow. It isn’t time to expect a harvest, but to invest and to prepare to fight off any “bug” that come along :-). Thanks!

    1. Exactly! Autumn is wonderful, but the real work is done in spring and summer

  2. Hi Connor. Very inspiring. I would add that it´s also important to know your land your soil well, so you can choose the best seeds to further collect the results you wanna get.

    1. I love your expansion of the metaphor! A friend of mine, Xavi, is a gardener (actually runs a company with many gardeners). He came to my house to help me with my garden. He said “there are no weak plants… they have all survived millions of years of evolution… but if you put an orchid in the wrong environment, it is weak…. a gardener learns to put plants in soil, sun, shade that suits that plant… never to fight with nature”

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