The ABC’s of a Fulfilling Life: Action, Belief, Curiosity, Discipline, Energy & Friends

What is the good life?

We can survive for 75 years… but what is a good use of those years? The good life is choosing to go beyond mere survival.  The good life is a daily intentional choice to flourish.  We can develop the best of our strengths and bring the worst of our weaknesses under disciplined control.

The ABC’s of a Fulfilling Life

The ABCs of living the Good Life:

  • Action towards your strongest values (Productivity) make progress towards important things; Eisenhower’s matrix
  • Belief. Give your life away… chosen sacrifice-Sense of purpose (contribution, give your life away… can’t “save” your hours, must invest). The test of value: you get paid. Paid doesn’t guarantee value, but free is idealistic… and idealists will kill us all.
  • Curiosity – Life long learning (always curious, painful feedback) be better today than yesterday, be better tomorrow than today
  • Discipline over your poorer habits
  • Energy. Health (Imagine you had 1 car all your life… how would you take care of it? that is your body…)
  • Friends (top 20… when was last you spoke?) inner circle… better a shack with someone who loves you than a mansion with those that use you
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  1. I love that this video combines new ideas, like the ABC concept, with other ideas and stories you’ve shared in previous videos. Everything is related, it’s all a map and a journey. Thank you for doing what you do Conor!

    1. The ABC thing comes from an idea that an english teacher taught me when I was young – the constraints of rhyme and rhythm push you to higher levels of creativity. Constraints serve the creation process 😉

  2. Clearly inspiring our daily lifes as usual. It helps us make sure or double-check that we are in the right track to achieve our goals and personal projects. Thanks for this video, Conor!

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