Personal Growth: Moving up the 15 Levels of Consciousness, from Dr David Hawkins

I’ve been reading a few books recommended by my readers and youtube watchers since my recent video review of The Surrender Experiment 4 weeks ago.  A wonderful author that I was recommended is Dr David Hawkins.  He was a psychotherapist who worked over 50 years with patients in all stages of conscious functioning.

In this post, I share some of the powerful words that I have taken from David, and then I share his scale from 1-1000 of Consciousness.  Have a look and see where you believe you are on this scale.

Over to Dr David…

If you’re not happy here and now, you will not be happy there and then.

“Like the sun, the inner Self is always shining, but because of negative clouds, we do not experience it. It is not necessary to program oneself with the truth; it is only necessary to remove that which is false. The removal of the clouds from the sky to illuminate the negative allows one to experience the energy fields of that which is positive. It is only the removal of the negative that is necessary-the willingness to let go of the habits of negative thinking. The removal of the obstacles to the experiencing of this will result in an increasing sense of aliveness and a joy of one’s own existence.”

There is a Buddhist story that man starts clean, but as he starts to walk, the dirt from the road sticks to him.  The further he walks the more he is covered by layer upon layer of dirt.  After a short time we can no longer see the man underneath the dirt.  In fact the man himself has forgotten that this surface of dirt is not actually him.  We don’t need to find something new outside us to move up the levels of consciousness…

U2 has a song “Get out of your Own Way”.  What many of us need is to get out of our own way, to stop sabotaging ourselves.

How to Be that Person that People want to Know

“The way to become that exciting person whom people want to know is very easy. We simply picture the kind of person we want to be and surrender all the negative feelings and blocks that prevent us from being that.”

“Write down all your faults. Write down all the faults others think you have, even if you think they’re liars. You take responsibility for it all. If you own it all, nobody has any way to attack you. If others attack you, it’s because you’re not owning something. Besides, there’s nothing wrong with being stupid and ugly. (Laughter). So we admit our faults, and we stop labeling them faults. We have to get over narcissistic sensitivity. All negative reactions are not caused from outside; it’s how we choose. The way to become bulletproof is to own anything that seems a fault. The way to overcome the ego’s reaction to that is to say, “I’m stupid and ugly. It doesn’t matter; God loves me.”

What you resist, persists.

“The willingness to forgive others is reflected in our own capacity for self-forgiveness and acceptance.”

“Surrender is a constant process of not resisting or clinging to the moment but instead, continuously turning it over to God. The attention is thus focused on the process of letting go and not on the content of the ‘what’ that is being surrendered.”

Humility is the greatest virtue.

“With humility one can see that the mind is limited and incapable of seeing all the circumstances surrounding any event. Out of this arises the willingness to let go of condemnation and judgment.”

Personal Growth: The 15 Levels

The Levels of Consciousness (From Apathy to Love)

These levels determine the reason why people behave the way they do.
You can listen to Dr David Hawkins being interviewed by Oprah Winfrey, or watch the video below where he speaks specifically about the Scale of Consciousness:


Below Courage – Conscious States that Suck Energy from the World

  • Guilt 30 – I condemn others. I blame outside forces for my situation. The emotion that accompanies these levels is self-hatred, and the process going on in consciousness is one of self-destruction.
  • Apathy 50 – Abdication of my own capacity to act. I am hopeless.  I cannot change the situation and I don’t believe that anyone else is able to help me.
  • Grief 75 – I am despondent and feel that life is tragic. There is an energy in grief that can turn towards anger and begin action.
  • Fear 100 – A state of anxiety and worry.  A state of withdrawal from the world.  I take actions to protect myself and to resist losing the things that I value.
  • Desire 125 – I crave after things that I believe are missing in my life.  I am quite active in pursuit of my goals.
  • Anger 150 – Anger in the form of resentment may lead to hatred.  But the process going on in consciousness is one of expansion; for example, when an animal is angry, it swells up. When the cat gets angry, its tail swells up to almost twice its normal size, and the cat tries to look imposing. The biological purpose of expansion is to intimidate one’s apparent enemy. The energy of anger can be positive if used to pursue something better, allowing us to move up to the next level.
  • Pride 175 – This level of consciousness leads to a constant defense of my being ‘right’, so others must be wrong.  Highly demanding of myself and of all others around me.  High risk of scorn of others.  The pride relates to an underlying denied set of  fears. 

Above Courage – Conscious States that Contribute Positively

  • Courage 200 – I take ownership of my situation and begin to take tentative steps to make my situation better.
  • Neutrality 250 – The emotion of Neutral is self-trust. For example, it is ‘okay’ if you get the job and ‘okay’ if you don’t.
  • Willingness 310 – saying yes to life, to join, to agree, to commit, and to align with because there is now the introduction of intention.
  • Acceptance 350 – Realising and owning my own limitations. I don’t have to please everybody, I don’t have to be competent at all tasks.
  • Reason 400 – At its purest level, reason and the intellect represent increased reality testing and non-emotional respect for truth.
  • Love 500 – reason is of the mind (the brain), whereas Love is of the being (the heart).
    At its emergence, love is selective and conditional, but as it evolves, it progressively becomes a lifestyle and a way of relating to all life.
  • Joy 540 –  A state of bliss. Life is Perfect. These people make us feel more alive because they are constantly giving out energy to the world.
  • Peace 600 – I need to find someone who could explain this in words!

Thank you to all those watchers and readers who have recommended books, videos and audios after my post on The Surrender Experiment 😉

13 responses to “Personal Growth: Moving up the 15 Levels of Consciousness, from Dr David Hawkins”

  1. Personally Dr. Hawkins “Levels of Consciousness” has been of great value to me and it has helped me transform the lives of countless others. It has made it possible for me to help others make distincitions about where they are located. I find that 3 levels are partiicularily of signficant importance. The first is Fear which is 100 on the scale. False Evidence Appearing Real if you will. Acceptance is a major shift is ones consciousness and perception of ones self and how you view of the world and others! After losing my 14 year old son and almost losing my 2 year old son 2 months later after he drowned…God revealed a powerful truth and that is that you can’t accept others completely until you accept yoursellf completely which is a total surrender of all that you should be, need to be, are ought to be. Only by accepting yourself as you are can you accept others completely. Most people don’t get that one so they think they can prove their worrth and it is never enough. I hope you don’t pay the price paid before you accept yourself completely as you are now so you can accept you loved ones completely. You can give away what you don’t have. They know if you accept them completely and they take it personally. Meaning they will typically view as they are “not enough” and you are in some way disappointed in them! After that transformation experience I became a professionall speaker to spread that message and i have witnesses amazing transformations in countless people all of the world as a result.

    1. I didn’t find him until reading “The Surrender Experiment” by Michael Singer… don’t know how that led to Hawkins, but I really loved the Hawkins materials and read, watched videos, listened to all the audios I could get my hands on.

  2. Thanks Conor for getting Dr. Hawkins and consciousness on your website. I was introduced to his work in 2010 and worked hard on consistently raising my consciousness. In 2014 I had a near-death traumatic accident and in a coma on life support. During my recovery, my wife pointed out how I was operating out of a lower level of consciousness. I accepted her opinion and proceeded to get back into being Peace, Love and Joy. It lead to my rare full recovery from severe graded Diffuse Axional Injury by focusing on my consciousness. Prior to my accident my work on consciousness lead to growing a company 900% in six years. Anabolic energy is true power.

  3. […] There are multiple studies that show the impact of negative emotions on a person’s health. One of my favorite resources in this area is David Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D., who conducted a 20 year-study on the impact of emotions and consciousness, when he was the Director of The Institute of Advanced Theoretical Research. While the research is complex and a bit overwhelming, as documented in his book Power vs Force – The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior, his study revealed the impact of emotions on the mind and body. (Here is a brief summary of this work.) […]

  4. I am obsessed with Dr Hawkins. Thank you for putting this together. Great summary.

    1. I only came across him recently, thanks to Amazon recommending one of his books because I had read Michael Singer’s “The Surrender Experiment”. Interesting stuff. I’ve been trying to get ahold of some good lectures from Dr Hawkins. Any good sources? Thanks!

      1. https://thepiratebay3.org/index.php?q=david+hawkins
        You can fine there a lot of stuff :), there are links to his lectures there too 🙂

      2. Many Hawkins lectures are on Audible at a reasonable price. You can also order his DVDs from veritaspub.com

  5. Is there any quiz to calculate the score?

    How can someone leverage self or others from one level to another?

    1. I think the book shares a process to calculate the score. It has to do with electric conductivity in skin and muscle strength as you think about different things… I haven’t done the test myself.

  6. Manuel Lafuente Avatar
    Manuel Lafuente

    Great post Conor., Lot to think about!!

    1. There is a lot of reflection here as applied to the progress of a member during their development as a group member, and of the development of Chairs in their own personal journeys.

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