The Last 5% is the Hard Part

Starting is easy.  There are no prizes for starting the marathon.  You get the medal for finishing.

Most people I know are good at starting.  Few people I know are good at finishing.

Who do you know who is good at finishing?

What do they do differently?

The closer you get to the end, the stronger the emotional resistance grows.

“An artist never finishes a work, he abandons it.”

Pablo Picasso

I thrive on interaction.  This blog gives me a short term feedback as I write. I can hit publish after 15 to 20 minutes and immediately get responses. 

I’ve consistently failed to write a book because I am addicted to the short term feedback of blog comments, of emails, of youtube videos…  I’ve never been able to commit to the 3 year process of writing without “likes” and comments.

The question for me: is it still important to me to write a book?

2 responses to “The Last 5% is the Hard Part”

  1. Fran Ramos Arquiola Avatar
    Fran Ramos Arquiola

    These are big questions that demand more than a few words-answer to me, Conor! Good food for debate…
    For # 2, picturing a couple of people I know who are this way:
    Some have a strong confidence and loyalty to themselves, other times they are highly perfectionist and need to get to the end to analyze the results, and some other times it’s a way of living-being, that include this drive to create-give birth as a defining part of them.
    (without a coffee gathering is the best I can think about…).

  2. Conor, your words of wisdom, shared kindly due to your integrity and passion for caring, would be lost for three years should you decide to write a book. And of course you did spend three years writing something: your PhD!

    You add value to many – please continue this work .

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