The World’s Best Individual Podcast Episodes

Here’s a growing list of some of the best specific podcast episodes (I will keep updating this blog post). Some are my favourites and some have been recommended by readers and friends.

What are some of the best podcast episodes that you have heard? (looking for specific episodes rather than the whole podcast…) . Thanks!

I’d love your recommendations of channels or specific podcasts in the comments below.

Tim Ferriss

(link to his podcast https://tim.blog/podcast/) (itunes)

Dan Sullivan


Dan has several podcasts and often appears on others’ podcasts…

James Altucher


The Knowledge Project – Shane Parrish


Leading Voices in Real Estate


HBR Ideacast


Brian Buffini


Kevin Rose


Malcolm Gladwell


Matt Brown


Evolution 2.0


What Episodes Do You Love?

One response to “The World’s Best Individual Podcast Episodes”

  1. Fran Ramos Arquiola Avatar
    Fran Ramos Arquiola

    So much food for thought and to be implemented immediately, in fact, on networking, efficiency, finances…Thanks. Great to see little things we can start doing each day, and maybe the bigger ones, switching to Sullivan’s mindset to live 150, as there will still be more than a century left for them!
    His extraordinary impact filter will be a help for the next weeks.
    Loved what and how he explains things.
    I just feel a little restless about his 20 year plan. In his case, being ADD he can then focus on what he does best, without distractions as he is already in his lifepath with no doubts. But I am not sure whether we can control our evolution that much and the outcome person we will be –or will want to be- in several years. Over-control may feel as disturbing as the unknown sometimes… shouldn’t we leave any place for the universe’ magic and to fit the unforeseen?

What are your thoughts?

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