Money: 10 Important Lessons

“All my daughter really wants from me is a few minutes of my undivided attention… the richer people get the more money they spend trying to “

Dorothée Loorbach

I am bad with money

It has taken me many years to admit this to myself. It was only by admitting it that I have been able to take the steps to put my family on a path to financial freedom.

I have a long standing belief that if I am a good person and do good work, the “money thing” will sort itself out. This has proven to be a poor approach to a well balanced life.

I still have had a lot to learn about my relationship to money. Many of the lessons shared in this video resonate with my own (poor) relationship to money. I am so optimistic that the future will be better that I don’t hold myself to the discipline of saving and investing my money. It has taken several business failures and a clear objective reflection on my poor money decisions to start to accumulate money over the last few years.

10 lessons about money from Dorothée Loorbach

Dorothée was “successful” in her job and made a lot of money… and then she spent it all… until she was broke, unable even to bake her little daughter a birthday cake. She had to face her own flawed beliefs about money and how they were damaging her ability to live a life that matters.

The 10 Lessons on Money from the Video

  • 4:49 #1 Money is important
  • 5:55 #2 Money equals time
  • 7:00 #3 Money equals value
  • 8:03 #4 What people say doesn’t matter
  • 9:49 #5 What people say matters
  • 10:58 #6 It’s really simple
  • 11:33 #7 It’s not that easy
  • 13:05 #8 Being broke sucks
  • 14:35 #9 Stay Broke
  • 15:54 #10 Money is not important

What are you beliefs about money? Are they having a positive impact on your approach to life?

2 responses to “Money: 10 Important Lessons”

  1. Love her daugther “we don’t have money worries, we just have less money than other people”

  2. Good post and talk. Very interesting in fact.

    So true ‘money is not important’ when you do not have to worry about it, because if you do, there is only that.
    A tough issue in my case because the approach to money came like a tattoo or as the DNA of my family, like political orientation, from a home of people interested in other things that seem more their purpose than making or learning about money. So now I am un-learning all this, getting rid of the catholic approach and listening sincerely curious to my little Swiss nephew when he explains to me how they have visited a museum of finances to learn about the service and history of banking and how interesting it has been.
    I hope it is not too late, and I still have time, after killing my prejudices, to learn, make and save more money happily, even if it is not important !

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