Keep Your Promises

I heard a tough question this morning (on a podcast).

“Who is the least reliable person you know?”

A powerful reflection… stop and have a think. Is it a friend? Is it a brother? Is it a parent? Is it you… to yourself?

We live in a time of great uncertainty… coronavirus… globalization… robots taking our jobs… a way to bring some certainty to your life and the life of the people you care about… is to be deliberate in keeping your promises.

What impact does it have when someone is not reliable? What impact does it have in your own life when you don’t keep the promises that you make to yourself? Today? In a decade?

Thanks to Tony for pushing me to reflect deeply on the nature of friendship… and to the podcast this morning for a reminder:

2 responses to “Keep Your Promises”

  1. Thejendra B.S (Author) Avatar
    Thejendra B.S (Author)

    This is why there is a quote – If someone betrays you once, it’s his fault. If he betrays you twice, then it’s your fault. However, when dealing with unreliable people one need to gradually decide who stays in and who goes out of their life.

    1. Wonderful quote. It is a good thing to be open to people… give everyone a chance… but be brutal when someone is not trustworthy… not in judging them as a “bad” person… but in future decisions about whether you depend on that individual or not

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