This, too, shall pass

According to legend, King Solomon shared this with a sultan who requested a sentence that would always be true, in good time and in bad. His answer:

This, too, shall pass

We are in quarantine here in Spain. A state of emergency. We are now in week 9, and happily there have been some relaxing of the lockdown over the last 2 weeks. Exercise and kids going out for a walk are now allowed.

When times are good: this too shall pass.

When times are difficult: this too shall pass.

Change is the only constant. Our ability to adapt is the question.

What I find hard: Letting go of the visions that I have had for this year… summer adventures, growth of our business, conferences that I love speaking at around the world… It is hard to let go of that life that I had planned and accept the life of Zoom calls and homeschool.

This last week I have hit a patch of unfocussed, unmotivated… a sense of groundhog day… days losing sense of which day it is and what happened last week or yesterday…

How are you coping? What’s going well? Where are you stuck?

2 responses to “This, too, shall pass”

  1. Hi Conor, Thank You for Your teachings through internet! Fe in Finland don’t have so strict limitaions in our life than You in Spain. We have had possibility walk, run and do other exercise oudoors all the time. Food shops hav been open. Many factories are working. But we do have remote working, remote schools, remote studing, remote meetings…

    What I am thinking, we could have online conferences one on Business communication/Leadership commonication and another one just on Leadership. I think Connor Neill can be the main speaker in both of those – if he agrees. €:o) Other speskers in Business communication workshop coud be persons like John Zimmer, Olivia Schofield, Florian Mueck….

    Online conferences cold be very big without the problem of accommodation. Of course there is the problem that there face to face discussions are only online.

    I feel that You should try to implemen this idea with some people!

    Best regards


    1. Dear Reino
      Thank you for being there in so many of my livetreams.
      I am speaking to Florian and Tobias and Tony about potential ideas. I personally find training online more tiring because I don’t get the interaction and the energy coming back from the group. Love your thinking I hope to see you on this evening’s live stream.

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