Mid Life Crisis (How to live it now)

Years ago I listen as a wise man in his late 80s shared this story of a human life. His challenge to us was that to be at peace in your 80s depends on how you live your 35-55 “mid life”.

There is an inevitable moment of crisis that comes in “mid life”, sometime between the ages of 35 and 55, and we can deal with it in one of two ways.

This video comes as part of a series of livestream events that I have been running every Friday at 17:00 CET (next one here). The last 3 have been covering the 7 beliefs that Vistage (and I) hold about great leaders.

Great Leaders…

1. avoid shortcuts
2. take time to work on the business
3. seek differing perspectives
4. are curious
5. are disciplined
6. seek trusted mentors
7. rise by helping others

Going Deeper on the 7 Beliefs of Great Leaders

If you are interested in getting deeper in these 7 concepts and practical tips to apply them to your own life and business, you can sign up to receive the Vistage ebook “The CEO’s Guide to Leading in Challenging Times” on the Vistage website.

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