Don’t just do something, sit there…

Some things require patience.

“Don’t just do something, sit there” 

Some things can’t be rushed.

Sometimes patience is necessary.  

I have a metaphor I use as an entrepreneur at challenging times in life. If you are travelling on a boat along a river, if the river is going the other direction, you are better pulling the boat to the shore and resting.  Paddling against the tide is exhausting and the tide is stronger than you.  

This requires that you have the ability to be patient.

Some things that cannot be rushed:

  • great relationships
  • trust 
  • mastery 
  • wisdom

What else can you think of that cannot be rushed?

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below…



6 responses to “Don’t just do something, sit there…”

  1. Sheila Coughlin Avatar
    Sheila Coughlin

    1. Training a dressage horse cannot be rushed (or learning any other sport or art for that matter such as ballet or persuasive public speaking)
    2. People cannot be rushed to mentally, emotionally, physically, or spiritually change if and/or when they are not ready.
    3. Growing a fruit, vegetable, herb and flower garden.
    4. The person driving really super slow in front of you definitely cannot be rushed
    5. Healing from pain or trauma
    6. Certain German Shepherds I know cannot be rushed to trust that anyone but them can be a competent leader
    7. Giving up on yourself, loved ones, or that which you love
    8. Repeat Trust
    9. Forgiveness

  2. Juan Lauro Aguirre Avatar
    Juan Lauro Aguirre


    1. 9 1/2 months.

  3. Hi Conor,

    Fran here, Hope all is good!

    Firstly, I would like to thank you for accompanying me (in ear) on my numerous walks/runs throughout these Lockdown times in which you’ve given me so much to help further better and prepare myself on my own life journey.

    I’m a professional football coach in Ireland that’s always in pursuit to upskill and constantly improve my coaching and life skill abilities to be the most effective I can be.

    I hope at some stage if at all possible we could chat over a coffee if you happen to be back in Ireland at any time in the future, its on my bucket list so no pressure!! 🙂

    On your question above,

    ‘Time’ cannot be rushed.

    Thanks for everything Colin!

    Kind regards,

    1. Hope to travel again in 2021… and Dublin is a regular destination 😉

      1. I know your busy and time off is at a premium for you but would love a quick coffee, my shout obviously! 😂👍

        We might happen to be playing in Dublin around that time which would be great!

        Appreciate you answering my message.

        Thanks Conor 👍

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