“No one is coming to save us”

Conor with Nando Parrado, survivor of the Andes crash

In 1972, a plane carrying rugby team from Uruguay crashed in the high Andes. 25 passengers survived the crash… and then found themselves trapped high on a glacier. Initially they waited for search parties to arrive. On day 10, they heard on the radio “the search has been called off”. This day they realised that if they were to survive, they had to rescue themselves.

A lesson from the Andes

“No one is coming to save us”

Carlitos Paez

You can see my notes from Nando Parrado’s speech that I heard twice back in 2009: Reflections on Nando Parrado, the real hero of the film “Alive”

More on the Survivors of the Crash in the Andes

Nando Parrado’s book “Miracle in the Andes” was how I first came across the story of the crash and the 72 days trapped in the high Andes.

The movie “Alive” (1993) shares the story of the crash and how the group handled the challenges up in the high mountains.

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  2. I’ve got Nando’s book on my bookshelf right next to ‘ordinary’ management/business books and found it does a better job than any of the others in getting the point across that determination and taking action yourself is EVERYTHING. It’s an unbelievably impressive story and I can’t agree more to your points! What an great moment it must have been to meet Nando in person, thank you for sharing your experience this video.

    1. I have heard Nando speak twice, and I have his book on my bookshelf. Such important life lessons.

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    1. Thank you 🙏

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