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How to effectively self-promote my blog or youtube channel?  



How do I effectively promote my own content?  How do I get my good posts and videos in front of the right audience?

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Some ideas on how to promote your own content (somewhat) effectively:

  1. Run a contest
  2. Create series of videos/posts (Example Star Wars Productivity)
  3. Make playlists of your youtube videos
  4. Cross promote - who has a similar size/type of audience to you... you promote their content, they promote yours
  5. Capture emails so you control distribution of new videos (I use Aweber and offer some online courses)
  6. Ask friends to comment on your posts/videos... it is a lot easier to be comment #2... few people are willing to be comment #1
  7. Re-promote your older successful videos/posts
  8. Build a facebook group or linkedin group around your content area
  9. Mention influencers in your posts... link to their blogs... (and let them know)
  10. guest post on a big blog in your segment ie EO's own blog etc (examples EO Octane, forbes, venturebeat, lifehack, activegarage)
  11. Use strong headlines (Lists, How to's, Question)
  12. Link to your old posts from your new posts
  13. Rewrite old successful posts and improve them
  14. Get invited onto podcasts (EO has a few... )
    1. One More Question
    2. Get Invested
    3. Rad EO
    4. Dadicated
    5. On the New Way to Work
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I suggest you first write some unique content and post in your blog because google promotes all websites on a unique content basis.

Our company website facing the same issue then we finally decided to change the content in the website. After changing the content our website moves top on the list of google first page.

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