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How to make videos regularly to promote my brand? [Julie]

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Quick question after listening to your speech at MIT, a few of your YouTube videos and now reading your 20 page ‘preparing logos’ doc, all of which I’ve enjoyed and learned a ton from😁

Does the phrase ‘when I have finished speaking (insert action)’ apply if I’m posting videos on Instagram 3-5 times a week. Obviously I want them to buy a subscription for XXXX - but will that be too repetitive? Should the 3 minute (or less) be more about what I’m thinking that day or around the theme of the day?

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There are a series of steps along the "Buyer Journey" leading to becoming a full client.  Each of these steps would have a different Point X (when I have finished speaking, my audience will .......) for the content supporting the journey.

These steps begin with awareness, then interest, then decision, then purchase, then repeat, then referral...  

Most sales gurus give these 6 steps (my phrasing, not scientific!):

  1. Find somebody with Money (“That guy looks good”)
  2. Approach and contact (“Hey, do you have a minute?”)
  3. Present and ask for the sale (“After 17 years experience with customers such as X, Y; I know our solution can be of help to you Mr Customer”)
  4. Handle objections (Turn No into Yes)
    1. First acknowledge the objection (“I understand that you are happy with the current product”)
    2. Second ask a question (“What are the existing levels of waste?”)
  5. Close (“Excellent, the product will leave our warehouse tomorrow first thing.  Cash or credit card?”)
  6. Ask for Testimonial
    1. Before and after, story with numbers (“Before I met Conor I was unable to string 5 words together, now I regularly give powerful persuasive speeches and kids ask me for autographs”)

So, your videos will cover the action points at each of these steps.  

What action step are you interested in at each step of the journey?  You can't ask someone who is not aware to commit to a subscription.  You can't ask someone who just bought for a glowing testimonial.

Content Ideas for Each step of the Buyer Journey

Here's what I would be addressing to people at each of the 6 stages

Find somebody with Money 

This is the big universe of people who have never heard of your brand or product.  There are probably interesting segments within this massive group - people who will never buy, people who buy similar products, people who are in certain demographics with a higher propensity to buy.  Each will need a somewhat different message to connect.

The core message of these videos are "Your life is good, but there is something missing"

Approach and contact 

In Hubspot speak they talk about Leads, MQLs, and SQLs.  A Lead is anyone who has shown some interest.  A MQL is a "Marketing Qualified Lead".  They meet some minimum level of marketing defined criteria - could be salary, title, geography...  A SQL is a "Sales Qualified Lead".  This generally requires some level of interaction where we discover that they have specific needs right now and are ready to buy.

This is the group that show some level of interest in your product. 

There are 3 questions that are in the minds of these buyers: 

  1. Why buy anything?
  2. Why buy from you?
  3. Why buy now?

Often number 3 is the most difficult to overcome... What makes this moment the right time to take action?  If you have specific seasonal moments that drive urgency, this can be helpful.  My business doesn't have any external factor that pushes our clients to take action at a specific point of the year... so this can be our hardest challenge to overcome.

Present and ask for the sale 

These are people who have shown interest, have specific needs.  The message that they need is an answer to question #3 above... why now?

Seasonal videos... why is now the time to make this change?  Harvest season, pre-summer diet season, valentines day gift season...

Handle objections 

There are a set of common objections that you hear from past customers as they have moved along the journey.  

There will be something along the lines of "It is too expensive", "I just want to try a little, I am not ready for committing to long term deal", "Can you call me back in 2 months?", "I'm not really sure it is for me", "Are there really health benefits?", "etc..."  Depends on each business and each product. 

Listen to what concerns every customer brings up and collect these objections.  Videos around Frequently Asked Questions can support this stage.


This is where you present a specific offer and give some form of framing "here's the deal we have structured for you. Let's make a decision now.  If works for you, I'd like to get going now. If this doesn't work for you, lets agree to walk away and I will not contact you again."  

As always the "why buy now?" is the hardest part of the buyer journey...  how to make it clear that this offer will go away soon if you don't take action.

Ask for Testimonial

I would say that the first time that someone buys from you, it is an accident.  They are guessing.  The second time, they know your product and make the decision. This is a good sign.  However, to build a truly valuable brand, they are not really a customer until they publicly refer their friends to your product.

A good testimonial has a couple of aspects: Where I was (before) and where I am now (after), story with numbers (“Before I met Conor I was unable to string 5 words together, now I regularly give powerful persuasive speeches and kids ask me for autographs”)


There's my 5 cents 😉


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