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How to organize material across Social Media Platforms? | [Denise S.]

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My Question: Conor,
Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge. In a world of people who are literally screaming for attention, your style is a welcome reprieve and your messages are easily assimilated. You are a class act.

I’m a health coach starting a business called Caregiver Wellness and I’m overwhelmed at times with the amount of information and knowledge I have to share with carers. My question is, do you have a method for organizing material to spread it across social media platforms, use it for writing, and also sharpen it for speaking engagements?

In my previous work I was an attorney and although I have experience writing and speaking, my focus was narrow. Now we have so much information in such a public forum, I sometimes become paralyzed!

Wishing you a wonderful week,

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I use notebooks, both paper and Evernote, to capture ideas, stories, quotes, questions.  I am constantly filling them.  For Video ideas I have 8 full evernote notes that I can update on both my phone and my computer.

I use my blog to share these notes once they become understandable. My blog is sort of a public notebook that I use to record ideas that I want to be able to remember. I also use my blog to answer questions I receive regularly via email – from students, from readers etc.  i have a blog post for my answer “what should we do in Barcelona?” and “what camera kit should I buy for youtube” and “what books do you recommend?

I record a video every week – I use the notebooks and evernote as sources to find ideas for each week’s video. I also love questions from blog readers, from video viewers – as these can be great inspiration to make videos.

When I post a video, I also share it as a blog post. My blog is connected to LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and it will automatically share a link to the new post.  I have an Aweber email account and have over 9,000 email subscribers who receive the videos.