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How to balance between disciplined action and enjoying life?  



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HI Conor, I found you on youtube... Not sure that at 3 or 4 years of age, I would have eaten the marshmallow or not. I have always bet on myself, but its a bit of lonesome world. I was a junior-pro Triathlete for 5 years non-stop. (14 to 19 year old) I'm at the time in my life now , at 40 years old. ... and also for many years of my life even as a young person, I've had hundred if not thousands of bold "ideas" .. not an original story line I guess... There is nothing new under the sun... The question is, I already do what I love, basically for the past 3 years, but doing what I love also involves the creative process of inventing things that I realize do not exist around me, that I believe to be cutting edge or really "successful" in theory.. In example, by 2020, I would like to establish a "nature adventures" business in Ibiza. 1. a food company in Ibiza or South of Spain, 2 and a regenerative community in Ibiza or South of Spain, 3. The problem perhaps is the lack of focus and a sense of "procrastination" not being a problem ; perhaps due to my free lifestyle in Ibiza. No-stress is the theme of the hour. And all of those things ...such as "establishing a business" to create more abundance for myself and my closest people is something that I see perhaps as "too much work: or not worth my "time" ? Even though I have a lot of free time. What do you think?


-Gato S. in Ibiza Spain

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You have been a successful triathlete, so clearly hard work is something you have the discipline to do... but the question is how to enjoy the process long term...  not sacrifice a good life today...  but have a good life, and build for the future -> This is something I am challenged by as well.  I have set up 6 businesses... I have often worked so hard over the first few years that I burn out my motivation and feel trapped.  I am determined not to do that in my current (6th) business.

The best answers for this in my own life come from Dan Sullivan, founder of Strategic coach.  

Here are some of my favourite Dan Sullivan podcast episodes:

Dan Sullivan (itunes)

I have loved listening to Dan Sullivan on his podcast for the last 2 years and he is (unknown to him!) a mentor to me in how I approach the building of my current business.

When he was in his 40s, Dan was an overworked, stressed, "regularly forgot important things" coach. He was doing everything. His new wife looked at him and said "we are going to hire someone who will run your calendar and you are going to focus only on what you do well".  For the last 30+ years Dan has a team around him whose job is to ensure that he is only spending time on what he is really good at - marketing, new tool creation and mastermind conversations with their best client (my guess based on listening to his podcast).

Dan (or his wife) has built a team around him so that he can focus on what he loves with who he loves.

The path to where he is today is not short nor easy.  

I have learnt that when I only allow myself to do 3 important things each day, and then take a break - that I make much more actual progress with the business, and I keep my motivation alive for the long term.

It is so easy to be too busy over the first few weeks, make good progress... but burn out your motivation and stop.

With my blog (my tips on blogging) - I force myself to publish after 20 minutes -> this is not because I write better posts, it is because blogging never becomes a chore. I write for the long term, not to write one or two really great posts.


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