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How to refresh or change KPIs due to Coronavirus/Covid-19? [Nico F.]

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Hi Conor,

I choose to write you here and ask your advice.  Maybe you will find this question interesting, challenging or you can tell me straight it is a stupid one.

If a Leader is asking you in this particular moment of the COVID 19 Crises ..

How to change our global KPIs as we will not reach our Net Income Target?

What would you think about it, what would you answer, or suggest.  Is now the right time to change targets? Is it too soon?

It is clear that nobody probably will reach their targets and things will not be the same for some time.

Given the difficulty of setting meaningful Net Profit level targets across the business, what KPIs would be good to allow employees to understand their objectives… and feel that they are realistically achievable?

What would you have in mind?

I will really appreciate your answer as you are a role model for me in terms of Leadership and  thinking 😊

Kind regards,