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How to Achieve Success With Email Marketing?


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I know from practical experience with colleagues and clients, that people are very wary of using email as part of their marketing contact strategy. Because of abuse by spammers, business people are afraid of the medium and they resist using it. How have people been able to achieve good results with email marketing?

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I think the success of email marketing is no longer relevant. It is for the very reason that you have just named - spammers. For our work with clients we also almost never use emails, even for informative mailing. Only if the client is expecting an email from us.

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I believe that there is no need to do mass mailings, and each letter should be individually sent to each recipient.


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Email marketing can be used to increase sales, improve brand loyalty, and deliver important information. It is a kind of direct marketing and in the past, it was used to mass-target people. Current regulations now in place are stricter on how email marketing can be used as a communication channel.


I feel that bulk mailings are unnecessary, and that each letter should be delivered to each recipient individually. 

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