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Basic Ideas to Get an Interaction-Oriented Mobile App Design


When developing a mobile app, the most significant characteristic is its ui ux design. It plays the most vital role in retaining users, developing user engagement and determining the success of the mobile app. Because there are millions of apps in the app store of almost all kind of categories. So, it leaves no room for apps that are average in design or are under performing.


However, you can implement a few UI principles which would help you designing the best user interface for your develop mobile apps. The design layout should work as the shield to avoid bad user experience. Let’s see what are they.


UI Principles:

  1. Keep things as plain as possible.
  2. Keep it focused-to-the-point and to the core.
  3. Make it simple, but also decide how much simple.
  4. The layout should come with a consistent flow.
  5. Don’t throw all the features and capabilities in one go-disclose.
  6. Have adaptive designs which would allow users of all ages to set preferences for using the app according to the varied physical capabilities.
  7. It should meet the capabilities of various platforms (e.g. Android and iOS).
  8. Mobile capabilities should be integrated carefully such as its gestures, keyboard, and orientation.
  9. Create great interaction between the app and the user with responsiveness, confirmations, and searches.
  10. Observe it closely.
  11. Note down the flaws, if any and improve them.


Other than the ux agency, there are four important rules that you must follow when developing a mobile app to create an interaction-oriented design. So, let’s dive a little deeper into the mobile UI design.


1. Design for the right user


Your targeted customers or the users should feel like the app is made only for them. For that, you have to know your users. User research is what you will be needing to understand your users for which you can conduct surveys and interviews. As per their feedback, you will be able to understand what they need and what they won’t.


2. Make it more effective and usable


Usability is the most important thing that you need to take care of when creating an interaction-oriented mobile app design. Always remember, if the app performs slow or gives complicated features which the users won’t understand, they would simply uninstall it. So, ensure that the usability of the app won’t disappoint the users.


3. Use signifiers, use it correctly


When creating an interaction-oriented design for the software company for mobile app, ensure that the app indicates the users what to do next. It must direct the users that clicking on it will take you elsewhere. Also, make sure that the signifiers have been used correctly and it’s easy enough for the users to understand each UI element and what it does.


4. Must provide familiar patterns


The users must understand how to use the app easily. Hence, the design patterns must be familiar to the users. This will help a new user to easily take in and understand the app fully.




The above article presents how to make the mobile app easy on the user. This will help you improve the UI and UX for software development website and your mobile app design. Apart from this, you also have to take care of discoverability and learnability to focus on creating an amazing interaction-oriented mobile app design. The most important areas of them are the action bars, social logins, big buttons, notifications, and discoverable controls which include swipe controls, gesture controls, image controls, touch-sensitive screen, accelerometers, GPS readings, alike.


If you want to design a great and functional mobile app with an effective interface, keep this design principles and rules in mind. It will help to distill your ideas into usable UI designs. Feel free to contact us for the mobile app development for your business. We would love to hear from you. We are one of the world’s leading mobile app development companies. We specialize in combining functionality with world-class design. Our experienced team of iOS and Android app developers take your idea and build it into a stunning mobile application that your users will fall in love with. To believe what we are saying, you can check our portfolio.


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