Brad Feld’s Startup Rule #1

Startup Rule #1 from Brad Feld: Get a mentor.  Love your mentor.  Embrace your mentor. Stay close to your mentor.  Listen.  Ask questions.

Check out his video on Bloomberg TV.

The worst pitches?  Totally incomprensible, you keep looking for the genius in the madness…  but you just can’t find it.  (7 vital elements of a pitch)

Next 5 years?  We have gone from carrying phones to carrying massive computing power in our pockets, twitter, facebook have all arisen in last 5…  hard to imagine what 5 years from now will look like.   The machines are getting us to put all the data into them, so they know everything about us.  2012 will be when the robots took over.

I keep Brad’s blog in my RSS reader.  His site Ask The VC is an excellent resource if you are raising capital for a startup.

What are your thoughts?

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