The 3 Basic Questions of Good Business

Good business has been done the same way for centuries. The medium does not change the rules for success.

Question 1: Who exactly do you help?

Who do you help?  What problem do you solve for them?

How can you make that pain tangible for the listener?  Effective sales is about helping a customer understand that their suffering can go away.  They have a choice.  Continue to suffer, or begin to change.

Question 2: Where can you take me?

People don’t buy coaching, they buy results. “I am a coach” = about me; “I enable you to make a living through speaking” = results, about you.  Olympic coaches have not won gold; they have helped others achieved gold.

The more I am specific, the more I show how others like you have gone on this similar journey and achieved these desirable results, the better.

Customer testimonials are powerful.  When a salesperson explains their “vision” it is because they can’t show you a customer who has already gone through the journey.

Question 3: Why can I trust you?

What makes you worthy of trust? It takes a tremendous amount of trust to click “buy” on the website of someone you have never met and believe that the goods will be delivered.

These are the 3 important questions.

7 responses to “The 3 Basic Questions of Good Business”

  1. I wanna apply this. This is a “short business plan”.

    “You don’t have a job and I know how painful it is. By following all the job offer in the market (both formal and informal), selecting the one’s that best suit to your case and helping you prepare for the interview, I can help you find a job. Click on buy and, like many people, be successful with a great job.”
    What do you think about that ?

  2. The more I learn about Startup culture the more your first question rings true. People need to stay focused on solving real problems, not just creating ideas then trying to find an audience. I just wish they taught me this back in business school.

  3. Great. You can make a link to the Trust Equation under point 3. 😉

    1. Thanks Florian, link is there now 😉

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