3 biggest objections to overcome when Selling

There are 3 objections that must be overcome to get somebody to buy:

1. why buy anything
2. why buy from me
3. why buy now

Why buy anything?

The first objection is showing that not taking action is not a viable option. The problem must be made explicit and brought to the full attention of the man with the money.

Why buy from me?

So, pain is clear. I want a cure. Now, I need to know that you truly understand my situation and that your motives as a salesman are about helping me, not helping yourself to the commission.

Why buy now?

My MacBook Pro has been dying for the last 2 years. It has been getting slower and slower and ssssllllllooooowwwwweeeeerrrrr… In fact I need to watch someone else use my laptop to realize how truly clunky the machine has become. In all this time I have had many moments where I knew I needed to take action… But I didn’t. Until now. My battery has less than 10 minutes of autonomy. I bought a new MacBook Pro this week.

Why did I wait so long? It is normal. We don’t act until we have to. We will not buy until we have to. As a salesman I have seen this so many times. My potential client has a problem. We have a decent relationship. We have a proposal on the table. It looks good. But no signature. “After the summer”, “when everybody gets back”, “we have an urgent priority at the moment”…

It is only when the battery dies that I replace my slowly dying computer.

Painful problem + trust + urgency

4 responses to “3 biggest objections to overcome when Selling”

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  2. As usual dear Conor, you spot the right issues. Selling is not about my product, my service, my company or myself but it is about the client, discovering their pain and help them understand the urgency of taking action to get a competitive advantage…

  3. Sento de Cecilio Avatar
    Sento de Cecilio

    I truly believe that people don’t like changes.
    For many years my friends had been going to the same bar from our hood year by year. Or the same restaurant. Why?! We can go to another bar or restaurants, talk with different people try new beers, food… But I think people is so tired to do the effort.

    In my case, sometimes is easier make a big change like move to another city instead smalls change like wake up earlier to go running for a week.

  4. Thank you so much, i very like you talk, i try listen you say, and i also understand little what you say, because i learning english.

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